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What does Win-This-RV do?

Who can use the service?

Any person 18 years or older who owns a RV can host a contest on accordance with the contest rules any person 18 years or older can enter a contest hosted on

Do I have to be in the same state as the contest in order to be a contestant?

Unless prohibited by state law, any person from any state can enter into a contest hosted at regardless of which state the RV is located in because it is mobile. See the contest rules & regulations for each contest.

If I run a contest on, how do I pay off my loans and transfer the title to my RV?

During the contest will collect all the entry fees and hold them a secured bank account. When the contest is finished we will transfer the funds to the financial institution where the title is held. At that point the financial instution will be instructed to complete transaction by paying-off any mortgages or liens that the current owner has against the RV. After all debts are paid the title will be assigned to the contest winner.

How do you know that the property/contest owner will collect enough money in entry fees to payoff all debts and liens so that the property will have a clean title when transferred to the contest winner?

All property/contest owners will need to provide with title records stating all debts and liens that the property has against it. If the contest financial goal does not meet or exceed all the property's debts, and liens that property owner owes then they will not be able to host a contest with

How do you prevent a property owner from running off with the contestant's entry fees and not giving the property to the contest winner?

The property/contest owner will never have direct access to any of the contestant entry fees. During the contest, will collect and hold all entry fees in a secured bank account. On completion of the giveaway contest, will transfer the entry fees to the financial institution to pay off the RV. The property owner will only receive cash, if there is any money left over after all debts and has paid liens

What type of contest can be hosted on

At this time the contests will only be "contests of skill". The first contest will be a trivia contest. Other contests of skill will be considered, such as an essay contest. We have no plans to hold "contests of chance", such as a raffle or lottery.

Why are you not offering raffle contests?

The legalities of raffles are more complicated than "contests of skill". goal is to make things as simple as possible and raffles are not simple when it comes to working with the legal system.

Is this legal?

In the state of Florida, it is legal for an individual to hold a "contest of skill". will provide a platform for the property owner to hold a contest to giveaway their property. We plan to allow property owners in all 50 states to host contests with us but we must first verify that local and state laws allow for these types of contests.

Can a contest be cancelled?

The local and state laws will determine this. In the case of Florida, a "contest of skill" can be cancelled. In the event that a contest is cancelled the contestants will have a choice to receive a refund (minus processing fees) or have their entry fee transferred to a different contest. There are a couple of reasons that a contest might be cancelled: 1.) The property sells on the open market 2.) There are not enough contestants to allow the property owner to give their property away.

Is the entry fee the only cost to me if I'm the contest winner?

The entry fee is the only charge that will require of all contestants. The contest winner may be subject to pay taxes on their winnings to local, state and/or federal authorities. Please consult your tax consultant for additional details on required taxes.